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Cookie Policy
What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer or other internet-connected device to identify your browser, offer analytics, and retain information about you, such as your language preference or login information. They are entirely safe and cannot be utilized to execute programs or transmit viruses to your device. You can acquire further information about cookies by clicking here (external link).

What type of cookies does Xbesh use?

Cookies can be categorized as either session cookies or persistent cookies. A session cookie automatically expires upon closing your browser, while a persistent cookie remains until it expires or is manually deleted. Expiration durations are defined within the cookies themselves; some may expire within a few minutes, while others may last for multiple years. Cookies placed by the website you are currently visiting are termed “first-party cookies”.

Outlined below is an extensive list of cookies utilized on our website. Our website undergoes regular scans using our cookie scanning tool to maintain an updated and accurate list. We classify cookies into the following categories

Strictly Necessary Cookies - Strictly Necessary cookies are imperative for the operational functionality of our website and cannot be deactivated within our systems. They are fundamental to facilitate your navigation throughout the website and utilization of its features. Disabling or removing these cookies may result in the inability to guarantee full access and use of our websites.

Function/Preference cookies - Function/Preference cookies enable us to recall your selected preferences (such as user name, language, or region) along with various functionalities (such as managing the cookie banner or redirecting to a new page), thereby enhancing your personalized online experience. These preferences are retained using persistent cookies to avoid the need for resetting them upon your subsequent visits to the page.

Analytics cookies - Analytics cookies aid in enhancing the functionality of our websites by facilitating easier access to desired information for users. They gather data concerning website visits to enable us to refine our performance and make necessary improvements. This includes analyzing user behavior to offer more pertinent content and recommend specific activities. Additionally, these cookies collect details on user interactions, originating sites, visit frequencies, and duration of website stays. Moreover, we utilize analytics cookies to experiment with new pages or features, assessing user responses for effective implementation.

What is a third party cookie?

A third-party cookie refers to one that is not originated by the visited website (e.g., cookies set by youtube.com on Xbesh.com). Certain technologies and applications developed by Xbesh may be hosted on domains external to the one being visited. Nevertheless, our commitment extends uniformly to these domains (cdn.pagesense.io, js.xbeshcdn.com, *.xbeshpublic.com, xbesh.in, xbesh.com.au, xbesh.com).

Xbesh strictly prohibits third-party tracking entities from deploying cookies or other tracking mechanisms on our website. This commitment underscores our dedication to safeguarding user privacy with the highest level of diligence. When embedding content hosted on third-party platforms on our website, such third parties may place cookies on your browser, typically for service-related purposes (e.g., bandwidth management, language preference storage, tracking consent, and anonymous statistical data collection, such as video streaming frequency). Whenever feasible, we prioritize privacy-friendly options such as Privacy Mode and Anonymous Statistics Only to ensure robust privacy protection. However, certain attributes of these embeds may be beyond our complete control, such as our capacity to unilaterally manage cookies set by these third parties upon the webpage's loading with embedded content.

How you can manage cookies?

Cookie Preference Manager

Your ability to control and customize your cookie preferences is facilitated through the "Manage Cookie Preference" option, easily accessible at the top of this page. Alternatively, you may utilize the Cookie icon located at the bottom left corner of webpages for convenient access to this feature. This functionality applies to visitors from regions falling under the jurisdiction of the European Union (EU), United Kingdom (UK), Brazil, Japan, or California.

This mechanism empowers you to exercise control over your cookie settings, ensuring compliance with legal frameworks and providing a seamless and transparent user experience. We encourage you to engage with our Cookie Preference Manager to tailor your preferences in accordance with your privacy choices.

Browser Settings

The majority of web browsers afford users the ability to manage cookies by accessing the 'settings' preferences. It is important to note that restricting the capacity of websites to set cookies may have implications for your overall user experience, as personalization may be compromised. Additionally, this limitation could impede the retention of customized settings, including login information.

Browser manufacturers furnish assistance and guidance on cookie management within their products through dedicated help pages. Please refer to the information below for detailed insights on navigating and configuring cookie settings in your specific browser.

Your understanding and utilization of these browser settings play a crucial role in maintaining the balance between privacy preferences and personalized user experiences. We encourage you to review the provided information to make informed decisions regarding your cookie preferences.


This Cookie Statement is subject to periodic updates, as deemed necessary to reflect alterations in the cookies employed or other adjustments for operational, legal, or regulatory compliance reasons. We recommend regular revisitation of this Cookie Statement to remain abreast of our current practices concerning the use of cookies and associated technologies. For further details pertaining to cookies or any privacy-related inquiries, kindly reach out to [email protected]. Your ongoing awareness of and engagement with this Cookie Statement contribute to a comprehensive understanding of our evolving cookie utilization framework.